Local Volusia County nonprofit to give out free Narcan during spring break

Leaders at Project Opioid, a nonprofit advocacy group, will be distributing free Narcan in Spring Break areas.

"We can't just talk and say ‘Just Say No’ anymore. We have to help people stay safe in a scary drug crisis of 2023," said Andrae Bailey, the CEO, and Founder of the group.

Bailey said last year, nearly a thousand young people died from drug overdoses. He believes events where the youth come together in large groups like Spring Break, pose an extra risk.

With that said, his team will be handing out the overdose reversal drug to as many people in Central Florida as possible.

"Restaurants, bar owners, leaders in the community who might be around young people if, God forbid, there is an overdose," he said.

He said it is common for people to take fentanyl without knowing it, and the medicine can be the difference between life and death.

"There’s no reason that everyone shouldn’t have it," he said.

Bailey said, ultimately, the goal is to guide people away from using drugs altogether, but in the meantime, they must do the work to keep people who do use safe.

More information about the group's resources can be found here.