Local law enforcement prepares for possible violence on Election Day

As we get closer to Election Day, a lot of people are wondering if tensions in this country could boil over.

“I think it’s been very scary on both sides,” said Seminole County resident Michelle Brugonone.

Central Florida voters are on edge as Tuesday approaches. A country divided over this election and the countdown is on for a winner.

“The greatest country in the world and to be like this – it’s sad really,” said Lake Mary resident Zana Hoshyar said about the divide.

A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows three out of four voters are concerned about violence on Election Day.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood says his office has been preparing for November 3 for months.

“Everything from riot training to disorderly crowds, to possible terrorist attacks, active shooter,” Chitwood explained.

The sheriff says investigators have been monitoring social media chatter,  looking for signs of violence. On top of that, no deputies are allowed to take time off around Election Day.  

“We’re looking at any scenario that can happen. Unfortunately, we don’t know who’s in their garage somewhere in America planning an attack. We don’t know that. We pray to God it doesn’t happen,” Chitwood said.

As for security at the polling places, Brevard County’s Supervisor of Elections has brought in guards for mail-in ballot drop boxes.

In Orange County, officials say the Supervisor of Elections has hired an off-duty deputy to be at the main election office through Election Day.  

“To date, there’s no indication that we should have any violence around our polling places,” Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said Thursday.

Seminole County deputies also tell FOX 35 News they’re ready for any calls at the polls if needed.