Local boy battling leukemia granted wish to see Christ the Redeemer statue

A boy battling leukemia for four years is getting his wish granted for a trip of a lifetime through Make-A-Wish.

FOX 29's Joyce Evans was there for the big surprise. 

It started out like any other assembly at Cardinal John Foley Regional School. Kids gathered at the end of the school day, but then there was an announcement from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

8-year-old Conall Harvey's wish to see the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio was granted in front of everyone, including his mom, grandma and three older siblings. 

"None of us anticipated this and we couldn't imagine what he was going to choose," his mom Christin Harvey, said.

Conall was fascinated with the Christ the Redeemer statue since seeing it in his kindergarten religion book.

Conall is a true fighter. He lost both legs and fingers on his right hand since he was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago. He is six months in remission now.

The family leaves in two days for his trip.