Lime bikes removed from UCF campus

University of Central Florida officials have confirmed that 600 Lime bike share bicycles have been removed from campus, and there is no decision on whether they will be replaced.

We broke the news to students on campus. Many are concerned about traveling around the massive campus. One student said she once had a half-hour walk to class.

"It helps when you're running late for class, that's 30 minutes away," said Vrunda Patel.

Conner Dickman is worried about walking to his friend's place in the heat.

"Sometimes, I got to go to Hercules, across campus and it's ridiculous because it's hot, it's like 90-something degrees and I'm just sweating bullets," he said.

But an alternative may be on the way.

"I have heard some rumors that they are going to replace them with scooters," said student Tino Fernandes.

A UCF spokesperson released a statement that Lime is reevaluating its campus and city partnerships across the country.

"Based on strong interest in electric scooters, Lime is phasing out most of its bicycle options. Our campus offices are evaluating what transportation services will most safely and effectively serve students going forward," the statement read.

"If it's still a fast way to or a faster way than walking to get across campus, that's fine by me," said Dickman.

Fernandes expressed concern about scooters.

"More dangerous, considering that maybe a lot of people don't know how to ride an electric scooter, like a bicycle," he said.

Lime said it hopes to have an update soon. This fall, many students may be forced to walk.  There is no word on when a decision on an alternative will be made.