LGBTQ+ Center in Orlando reopens in-person counseling site

Recent mass shootings are making it difficult for some Central Florida residents as we get closer to the 6th year of remembrance of the Pulse tragedy. There's been an increase in demand for counseling among Pulse victims and relatives, and one local center is offering assistance.

"These other tragic shootings are so close, it re-explodes our stress and our hearts to see something close from what we went through," said Orlando Torres, Pulse survivor.

Torres said it’s been extremely difficult after the shootings in Texas and Buffalo.

"It’s just worse. Innocent children and they paid the price," he said.

 Center CEO 

George Wallace, CEO of The Center, said people can receive counseling under their Orlando United Resilience Services program. The LGBTQ+center at 946 N. Mills Ave. in Orlando stopped in-person counseling during the coronavirus pandemic, but it has since resumed and even renovated a new room, for anyone to receive help face-to-face.

"We are seeing an increase in people seeking those services," he said, "so we’ll start offering counseling in person if you’re in crisis you’re able to come in and be seen."

Wallace said each person has different trauma and triggers.

"And of course, June 12th is one of the largest ones. So if you need help or assistance, don’t be afraid to ask The Center."

Torres said he is glad there are services available to victims like himself, and he also has advice.

"It’s a word of hope, to stay strong."

The new counseling room opens on June 17.