Leesburg Bikefest to go on this weekend, rain or shine

Motorcycles and music are bringing thousands to downtown Leesburg this weekend, rain or shine. This is the first year since the pandemic that Bikefest is back to three full days in April.

"Bikefest is it," said John Sokol, who owns Great Chicago Fire Brewery in downtown Leesburg. "We look forward to it all year long."

Sokol and other business owners are looking forward to the economic boost, but they're watching the forecast closely. As long as there's no lightning, organizers say the show will go on.

"We’re a go," said Joanie Smalley, the executive director of the Leesburg Partnership." We’re going for what we can, and we want everyone to come out, be safe, but have a great time. And if it’s bad weather, we’ll take you to our restaurants and bars that are downtown."

About ten minutes from town, hundreds of people are camping at Windy Acres. The property's owner showed FOX 35 News a large pile of crumbled tents, blown over in Thursday night's storm.

"The storm was awesome," said Kevin Divelbiss, who took shelter in his camper.

While the RVs rocked in strong winds, those in regular tents had to hang on.

"I had to get inside and hold it down to the ground," said Larry Norwood, another camper.

Others weren't as lucky, camping through the roughest weather Norwood has seen in his nine years going to the event.

"I saw one actually flying through the air like Dorothy’s house in The Wizard of Oz, so other people lost their tents," Norwood said.

Campers told FOX 35 the possibility of more severe weather is not affecting their plans or scaring them off, but organizers did urge all attendees to take proper safety precautions.