Lake County Schools offering up to $27,000 for new teachers at two schools

Lake County is looking for good teachers and the district is willing to pay up to $27,000 to get them.

"We’re looking for a special teacher to work with these children," Lake County Education Association President Stuart Klatte said.

The school district is starting an incentive program for teachers hired at Leesburg Elementary and Beverly Shores Elementary.

"We have a couple schools that are priority schools that are tough to staff," Klatte said. "We’ve had historic problems with turnovers, keeping quality staff at these schools."

The state says both of those schools need extra resources.

Leesburg Elementary received a "D" score for the 2018/2019 school year. Beverly Shores got an "F."

Teachers who work at or are hired at either of these schools will receive $2,000 if they stay through the first semester. If the school’s letter grade increases to a "C" the teachers will receive $10,000. Teachers could also get another $15,000 based on testing scores.

FOX 35 News spoke with people who have children at the schools, they believe this could work but more has to be done.

"Training starts at home," Sandra Orr, who has a grandson at Leesburg Elementary, said. "The school cannot do it all. I understand parents now have to work two or three jobs to provide for their families, but, still, you got to train your kids at home."

Leesburg Elementary first-grader, Kauis Beard, was excited to hear there may be new teachers at his school.

"Because more teachers means more kids will be able to learn," Beard said.

The incentive program will only last for one school year.

You can apply on the Lake County School District website.