Kissimmee donation drive to provide relief to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Fiona aftermath

Puerto Rico is still in the dark after being hit by Hurricane Fiona. Efforts are underway locally to get supplies to the people that need it the most. 

"Part of my family lives in San Juan and right now they’re without power," said Santiago Figueroa. "And I was just talking to my brother, and they said it’s going to be out for more than two weeks before they can get the grid back open."

It's going to be a long road to recovery for the people of Puerto Rico. Central Floridians remember all too well just five years ago how Hurricane Maria devastated the island nation, and now they've been hit again. 

"I was very worried about what happened in Puerto Rico," said Efrain Ortiz. "This storm was more harsh than Maria. It’s different."

Ortiz told FOX 35 News he has not been able to reach his family. 

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"I feel like I could cry because I feel like I could do nothing that’s why I drive two hours to here. I currently live in Sumter County to help so I’m here," said Ortiz. 

This is part of the Hurricane Fiona relief effort where donations can be dropped off at the Iglesia De Dios Church of God on Flamboyan Street in Kissimmee. 

Items needed are non-perishable food items, baby diapers and wipes, infant formula, toiletries, hand sanitizer, flashlights, batteries, paper plates, and over-the-counter medications. 

"The whole entire island is without power. Most people are without water," said Viviana Janer. "A lot of people have lost everything. And don’t have access because of the heavy rainfall to be able to get out of their towns."

The donation drive will continue until Friday at 6 p.m. All the items collected will be flown to Puerto Rico. 

Local officials say they're monitoring the situation and making plans in case people plan to evacuate to Florida.