Juice Bikes: Competitor Lime isn't the reason we're changing

Bikeshare company Juice Bikes is dismantling its bike docks in Downtown Orlando. The company has plans to change its model and move toward dockless bikes.

"They're just gonna have better flexibility, they're gonna be dockless, you won't have to rely on the buttons, which we know get stuck," said Seiji Schoppert, Juice/CycleHop Operations Manager.

The concept is much like the Lime bikes, the company's bikeshare competition. Juice/CycleHop Operations Manager Seiji Schoppert  tells FOX35 that the green rivals has nothing to do with the change.

"Don't get me wrong, Lime has been doing pretty well.  We're also doing about the same, but this has been in the works for a long time," Schoppert said.

According to a report from the City of Orlando, Juice reports it only served half the number of riders last month than it did prior to Lime coming to town. In the meantime, Lime reports booming business since its Orlando debut in November of 2018.

"Our ridership has fallen a little bit over time, because these bikes have had issues, were aware of it," said Schoppert.

Justin Richards is a frequent Juice rider who lives and works Downtown.

"I thought it was super convenient.  I live right up the street, so they were outside and convenient to pop out and have a bike," he said.

But Richards says the convenience of picking up a bike anywhere is more appealing than making the trip to a dock. 

"The great thing is you take it, you leave it, you don't have to put it back where it came from," said Richards.

Juice will be back.  The company has submitted a new application with the city for 250 bikes.

"This isn't in response to Lime," said Schopper.  "We've known these bikes have issues, so we're just trying to improve the system."

Juice bikes will be available for several more days at select docks. No word yet on when the new bikes will hit the streets.