Judge holds hearing on George Zimmerman stalking case

A Seminoel County judge will have a hearing regarding the stalking charges that George Zimmerman is facing.

Zimmerman is accused of threatening a private investigator, Dennis Warren, online. Warren told the judge that he was working on a documentary about Trayvon Martin. In September, he contacted Zimmerman through voicemail, email, text, and mail.

Warren says that in December, he received 185 calls, texts, emails, and voicemails from Zimmerman -- all within nine days. He asked the judge for a restraining order against Zimmerman, citing his behabbour. The judge denied the private investigator's request for a restraining order

Just last week, Zimmerman filed paperwork in court saying that he's more than $2 million in debt and has no income. This means he cannot afford ihs own attorney.

Zimmerman has not shown up to his previous hearings and did not appear at this one