Internet café shut down in Volusia County

Undercover deputies were at Hot Spot Internet café in Ormond Beach all day Tuesday.  They shut it down, calling it an illegal gambling operation.  Customers like Steven Hodge weren't happy.

"It just gives you something to do. I'm disabled I got medical problems and I can't work so it gives me something to do instead of sitting in the house all day," Hodge said.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood says Internet gambling is illegal.

"They are parasites. If you look at who their customers are, their customers are mostly elderly folks on a fixed income," Chitwood added.

He said this particular business is a problem, not even paying business taxes.

"This is a business that's not regulated, they're not paying business tax, there's not fire marshal, no building code. Nothing. These business pop up, gain trust of elderly community and then they fold on them. They aren't paying any taxes. This business alone in our two-month investigation cleared almost 600 thousand dollars," he said.

The sheriff sent letters to cease and desist to the other four Internet cafe's in the county.