Inspiration4 crew shows St. Jude patients space experience

Patients at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital received a special call from SpaceX's Inspiration4 crew, currently orbiting the earth. 

The mission aimed to inspire and bring hope is one close to the heart of Hayley Arceneaux, a bone cancer survivor. 

"I was a little girl going through cancer treatment just like a lot of you, and if i can do this, you can do this," she said. "I’m so proud of each and every one of you."

Arceneaux, who is now a physician assistant at the hospital where she was treated as a child, took questions from patients, like Ava.

"What kind of sleeping bag do you use?" she asked.

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"If you’ve ever been camping, we pretty much have those same kinds of sleeping bags," answered Arceneaux.

She also showed them their perspective of Earth through a big window.

"We can see the entire parameter of Earth which is so beautiful," she said. 

The mission has raised millions for cancer research. Crew member Jared Isaacman told the patients about the importance of space travel but also about finding cures for them.

"We also have to pay attention to some of the real responsibilities we have on earth and that’s why St. Jude’s Research hospital is such an important part of our mission," he said.

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