Incident in Windermere investigated as hate crime

Behind a security gate in Windermere is a mansion worth millions of dollars. You can't see it from the road, but the suspect knew it was there.

Jeff Gelman says a stranger broke into his lakefront property, driving recklessly and yelling religious slurs at him and his wife.

"She was doing donuts and screaming, 'Get out of our neighborhood!'...then she sprayed us with a chemical, a cleaning solvent," Gelman says. "At one point, she took the cleaning solution she was spraying at us, and we were taking pictures of the back of her car to get her license plate number, and she sprayed the license numbers and said I hope you can get a good picture of it. "

The family says the main gate to the mansion was closed, but it's possible the suspect got in through the gardener's gate.

Deputies arrested 45-year-old Kristen Kelly, charged with aggravated assault, burglary, as well as a hate crime.

"I think the world's changed a little bit, and I think people think they're entitled to say and do things that are inappropriate," Gelman says.  "Somewhere along the line, the house is big, and maybe someone pointed and said a Jewish person lives there."

Gelman says he's had many school events for his children at their $28 million-dollar home, and adds he is shocked by the incident.

"I've lived in the community for 15 years, never had an issue, everyone is extremely nice," he says.

He tells us, it was a humiliating experience that he hopes will never happen again.

"Just because I pray differently doesn't make me different. We're all the same."

Gelman says he's increasing security so no one else can break onto the property.