I-4 Ultimate crews prepare roadway for Dorian

Workers are scrambling to batten-down the hatches on Interstate 4, and make the road safer for drivers, with Hurricane Dorian on the way.

“They've already started securing the job site, stowing equipment and materials in storage facilities when we can, otherwise it's batten-down in place,” said I-4 Ultimate spokesman, Dave Parks.

Parks says they're removing everything that doesn't need to be on the road.

“Things that could potentially blow around in heavy winds. Also going through and cleaning drainage ditches and retention ponds so when that water does come there's somewhere for it to go.”

Parks said crews will be working throughout the weekend cleaning up and finishing any last-minute work before the weather hits.

“And making sure that the lanes are open if folks to plan to drive through central Florida to get where they're going.”

This especially applies to all the visitors who may be jamming the roads trying to get back home.

“For those folks that do live in central Florida, I'd ask them to pack some extra patience when they're on the road, we're gonna have people who are not familiar with our work zone,” Parks said.

After the storm, the Florida Department of Transportation says they'll have their crews back on the interstate as soon as possible, assessing any damage and making repairs.