Hundreds of strangers attend funeral for Vietnam veteran

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Why would hundreds of people attend a funeral for a man they never met?

They all did it to honor his sacrifice.

Members of a community in Nebraska responded to social media posts that Vietnam veteran Stanley Stolz died, and funeral organizers could not find any family members or friends to attend.

So complete strangers, honoring the 73-year-old Army private's service to our country turned out by the dozens to Stolz's funeral services this week.

They say they felt compelled to say thanks to a man they never met.

"Well I saw and heard on the internet that he didn't have any family members that were going to be here, then absolutely I closed up my store and came here," one funeral visitor said.

"It made my heart happy, and when people talk bad about our country this is what they need to see," said Monica Miller, a military wife who went to the funeral.

Now it turns out Stolz did have some surviving family.

As a result of the social media post, some of his siblings were located.