Hundreds of flights canceled, delayed at Orlando International Airport due to weather, tech issues

Hundreds of cancelations left many frustrated passengers stuck at Orlando International Airport. 

More than 300 flights at Orlando International Airport were canceled on Saturday due to severe weather and Southwest's technical issues. Frustrated passengers waited in line for hours to find out their flight had been canceled. 

 "It’s really ridiculous. This is our third cancelation today, and I’m here with my 91-year-old father," said Joanne Wallace who was waiting in line. 

The line to get to the Southwest ticket counter stretched through the airport and to the food courts. 

 "Now it’s canceled so who knows when we’re leaving. We have work tomorrow things to do," said Sylvia Whitley whose flight was canceled too. 

Orlando International Airport said many of the delays and cancelations were due to severe weather. 

"We’re trying to take deep breaths and understand things happen, and they want us to be safe in this weather, but how will they account for all these people. There are a lot of people," said Renee Parks who had her flight canceled. 

Southwest also had delays and cancelations due to technical issues during routine maintenance overnight. 

The airline said in a statement to FOX 35 Orlando: 

"Some of our earliest departing flights this morning were delayed, and a handful of them canceled, after we intermittent technology issues during routine overnight maintenance. Some of those aircraft continue to be operating behind schedule, at the same time thunderstorms and airspace congestion in the Southeast U.S. is causing additional delays this evening.

We offer heartfelt apologies to our Customers for any inconvenience, and gratitude to our Employees who are working diligently to take care of them. We’ll continue to update Customers whose journey with us today might be delayed."

Many people at MCO told FOX 35 Orlando that they couldn't get another flight until Tuesday or Wednesday and decided to drive home instead of wait. 

"I have a rental car lined up," said Randall Decker. "We’re going to make the 14-hour drive back to Indiana."