Hot air balloon lands on Kissimmee neighborhood

An unexpected visitor landed on Clover Street around Tuesday morning.

“My dad called me-- he was in the car going somewhere-- and he said a balloon just landed in the front yard,” said Rick Temple, who lives next door to his father.

When he walked outside, Temple saw a hot air balloon operated by Painted Horizons Hot Air Balloon Tours, towering over the houses on the street.

Pilot Tom Green told FOX 35 winds shifted and he couldn’t make it to the spot where he had planned to land and the street looked like the most “inviting” alternative.  The aircraft, which was carrying Green and two passengers, touched down in front of Roland Caron’s home.

“The dog was going crazy. I come outside and see the balloon,” Caron said.

When the balloon deflated it blanketed Caron’s home.

“I gave [the pilot] a ladder and he went up there and took it down,” Caron said.

Temple said the balloon crew folded up the balloon like a parachute, loaded it and the basket into a van, and “that was the end of it!”

But the unexpected visitors were the talk of the neighborhood for the rest of the day.