Heat causing record electricity issues

You may have noticed, but it is hot outside...very hot!

Now the heat is sending cooling systems into overdrive with people across Central Florida turning the AC down and working city power systems.




Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) customers reportedly used the most power in the company's 118-year history on Tuesday when temperatures were in the 90s across Central Florida. KUA said that had its 76,000 customers' air conditioners working overtime. 

"I wasn't expecting it to feel like it was well over 100," said one resident.

KUA is offering some tips to help you stay cool: 

  • Set your thermastat at the highest comfortable setting, they recommend 78 to 80 degrees
  • Use ceiling fans to cool down the room when you are in it
  • Change or clean air conditioner filters every month.

We'll get a small bit of relief this weekend when temperatures will be in the low 90s.

The overall record for hottest day was September 19, 2021 when the temperature in Orlando hit 103.