'He shouldn't have lost his life:' Family of Kissimmee crash victim speaks out

Roney Montero was three minutes away from his house when a driver in a stolen SUV hit his car so hard that it went flying into a ditch, killing him. 

His husband is still in shock and disbelief that the love of his life who was full of life, who was always singing and smiling — is gone. 

"I’m writing him, writing him, writing him, and I wrote again like I’m getting scared you’re not texting me back," said Jose Montero, Roney's husband.

Jose Montero's fear of waking up in the middle of the night to find his husband Roney not home became a reality. 

He got a knock on the door from Florida Highway Patrol troopers Saturday morning who told Jose that Roney was killed in a crash. 

"They took away everything. That was my husband. He was my life. I love him more than anything," said Jose. 

Roney had just finished work and was driving home. He went through the four-way stop at Marigold and Peabody road less than a mile from their house when deputies said a driver in a stolen Range Rover who was fleeing from officers sped through the stop sign and T-boned Roney's car. He was killed instantly.

"I’m still in shock about it. I can’t believe it happened so close to home. How are you just about to turn to be home and someone hits you like that and takes your life and to know they ran and left and didn’t even try to help him… it kills me," said Jose.

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Credit: Jose Montero

The incident started in Polk County when deputies were breaking up a chaotic house party when they say a driver in a Range Rover hit a squad car and took off, sparking a chase into Kissimmee. 

Of the six people arrested, three people were charged in connection to the crash, according to deputies. "He [Roney] shouldn't have lost his life just because they wanted to run," Jose said.

Deputies are still looking for a fourth person who they believe was in the Range Rover. 

If you have any information call Crimeline.