'Haunted Road' drive-thru Halloween attraction returning to Orlando

A popular drive-thru haunted attraction is returning to Central Florida for a second year. 

The Haunted Road opened last year as a completely contactless experience amid the coronavirus pandemic as other Halloween events were being canceled left and right. 

This year, the drive-thru attraction will be open on select nights starting in September through November.

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"We're baaack…and this year things are getting real," the Haunted Road announced on social media. "Like, ‘real’ real. The Haunted Road is legitimately haunted and we can sense the ghosts are getting restless."

As for the theme this year, the website says: 

"After launching in 2020, the cast and crew quickly realized everything was not as it seemed. Rumor spread that tortured souls who died on the land materialize when the sun sets, resulting in paranormal phenomena and eerie occurrences.

Through trial and error, we learned how to disrupt these spirits and conjure up on-demand ghost sightings for travelers to witness. But proceed at your own risk... it is unclear if the spirits remain to ward off future victims or lure unsuspecting travelers to join them as part of The Haunted Road."

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New this year is ‘The Barnyard,’ which is an add-on experience after you travel The Haunted Road. An abandoned butcher's barn awaits guests with scares around every corner.

"Locals started noticing that the products he was selling didn't look typical and later it was revealed that he butchered much more than animals.  Enter this barn (if you dare) and attempt to awaken The Butcher."

Last year, tickets to the event sold out on many nights.

Tickets go on sale August 13 at noon – which coincidentally lands on Friday the 13th. You can sign up for early access tickets HERE.

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