Handling leftover hurricane supplies

With Hurricane Dorian mostly gone, most people in Central Florida are wondering what to do with all their extra hurricane supplies. Seminole County Emergency Manager Alan Harris suggests you keep it.

"I have canned foods, I have non-perishables at my house for my family. I'm going to keep those until the very end of hurricane season."

Harris said keeping it now could save you future trips to the store.

"We're still in the peak of hurricane season. In fact, there's some tropical waves already that are out in the Atlantic ocean."

But if you went overboard, he said you could donate any extra items.

"Harvest Time International, here in Sanford, is providing comfort kits to go down to the island," Harris said.

Your extra items could provide much-needed relief for people in the Bahamas.

"They are looking for baby products. They're looking for non-perishable foods, medical supplies and things like that," explained Harris.

What about returning items to the store you purchased them at? Publix said it accepts returns; however, not all items will make it back to the shelf. The grocery chain said it would discard perishable items.

"We cannot ensure that the cold-chain has been maintained, and we cannot risk time and temperature abuse. As always, we have a Publix guarantee, and a refund would be issued," said a spokesperson via email.

The company also suggests keeping the items amid hurricane season. Meanwhile, Walmart said returned items would go back on the shelf depending on the item. The company said they would be inspected to ensure they are safe for resale.