Guests can see mermaids on display at Sea Life Orlando Aquarium this summer

Mermaids are on display at Sea Life Orlando Aquarium this summer.

Aquarium guests can see four mermaids swimming in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean exhibits every Friday-Sunday until June 23. Mermaids will perform inside the ocean habitats and pose for photos.

“We also have a dry experience that guests can have a seat with the mermaids, talk to them, learn about their stories and even get a really cool photo opportunity with them,” said aquarium curator Eric Grunthaner.

He said guests can also opt in for a mermaid makeover.

This is the second time the aquarium is hosting the mermaid experience. New this year, each mermaid has a different conservation message.

Mermaid Adelaide is hoping to encourage people to respect the ocean and the land.

“If you throw away trash in the trash can rather than the ground, that’ll add up,” she said. “If you recycle instead of using trash or if you reuse items it’s really important because it helps the ocean.”

She is encouraging everyone to pick up five pieces of trash every day that does not belong to them and put it in a trashcan.

“Every action we do is a drop in the ocean. It all adds up and everything works together,” she said.

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