Government shutdown and your tax returns

It’s day 18 of the government shut down and a lot of us are wondering, how it might affect tax refunds. FOX 35 News stopped in a tax filers office to get some answers.

On her sign, she wears a red hat like Carmen Sandiego. And if you're wondering where in the world will your tax refund be -- as the government shutdown persists -- Shelly Bostick says, you’ll get it, only if the shutdown’s end is near.

"For the majority of early filers, the delay is really not an issue,” Bostick said.

On the other hand, Shelly says if we get into late January or beyond, and the shutdown is still in effect, there will be trouble, but don’t take that as a reason to put it off.

“Don’t wait until the shutdown ends to file. I say the sooner you get in line the better,” Bostick urged.

For early filers, under something called the PATH ACT, February 15 is a very important day.PATH stands for Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes. It was passed in 2015.“If a client has earned income credit or a child tax credit, they are not issuing a refund until after February 15, for clients who do not qualify for either of those credits, it would be possible to get a refund earlier, but the majority of early filers DO qualify for those two credits,” Bostick explained, “So if this shut down goes beyond February 15, if it could create a delay.”Shelly remembers 5 government shutdowns since she’s been filing taxes. “My prediction is, I think they’re going to wrap it up because our president wants another term,” Bostick said, hours before President Trump’s national address and the Democratic response.