Gov. DeSantis wants schools at full capacity in the fall but many believe distance learning is here to stay

Governor DeSantis says that he wants all Florida students back in the classroom this fall but many are saying that we have not seen the last of distance learning.

Parents and students are struggling to strike the right balance in the new age of going back to school versus the virtual classroom. Many experts believe that despite the call to return this fall, remote learning is here to stay.

Trenton Goble told FOX 35 Orlando that "I don't think we're going to put the genie back in the bottle. I think this just creates different options for parents and students. And I think for schools and administrators, it opens up doors to evaluate blended learning."

Goble is a former principal and the author of the book 'Reclaiming the Classroom.' He also serves as the Vice President of the K-12 strategy, 'Canvas' -- an online learning platform used by thousands of school districts nationwide.

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As far as remote learning goes, he advises parents to "set reasonable expectations, give your students lots of opportunities for breaks, and try to keep it consistent. I think consistency is really important -- that will save a lot of tears."

Goble added that research shows that the attention span of most K-12 students is anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes max. 

He advises that parents use the summer break to focus on family fun though, stating "get out in the world and do things together. Try and keep summer as normal as possible. School will be here soon enough and we can worry about that when it comes."

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