Good Samaritan pulls driver out of burning car

A man is recovering in an Orlando hospital after he was pulled from a burning car in Indian River County.   

The driver, Scott Markowitz, 56, was seriously injured in the incident; however, police a good Samaritan with saving the man's life before they arrived on the scene.

Alfredo Ramos was driving to work Monday morning along County Road 512 in Fellsmere. He said the driver in front of him, later identified as Markowitz, put on his hazard lights. Police said Markowitz started feeling dizzy.

“I just got my music running, so I’m just stopping, waiting, I’m thinking they need help, so I’m just waiting for the guy to get out and ask me, 'Can you help me push the car?' like something broke,” Ramos explained. “I turned my radio down and the guy said to give him a hand. The car is on fire!”

Ramos said he took a better look at the car and saw smoke coming out the windows.

“I said, 'I have to do something', so I parked and put on my emergency lights,” Ramos said. "I’m thinking when I’m running back and forth trying to open it, I'm thinking it’s a movie, but it’s not a movie, it’s real.”

Ramos it appeared Markowitz already had serious burns to his body, and the airbags had deployed.

“So, I had to push the airbag back and get all the way through the side and try to get that seatbelt, but the fire is right there and the smoke and the guy is so dizzy. I said don’t go anywhere. Stay with me, I’ll help you out.”

Ramos dragged Markowitz out of the car just in the nick of time.

“Because I see in the movies the action when the car has an explosion you have to go quickly.”

Markowitz was taken to a burn center in Orlando. Police have not said what caused the fire.