Girl treated after being bitten by pygmy rattlesnake

Addison Vidrine's ankle still shows the marks doctors made to outline the swelling and near the heel are the two spots where a pygmy rattlesnake's fangs bit deep.

“I didn't see the snake but I must have stepped on it, and it bit me.” After that, she said everything was a blur. “I really don't remember.”

Devin Collins was there when it happened.

“We saw her pick her foot up and she started running. She said it was a snake, and I went over there and killed it,” he said.

The nine-year-old girl's mother Alicia said they raced her to a fire station help.

“I was afraid she was going to have to get her foot amputated.”

Paramedics met her there and brought her to the hospital where doctors gave her an anti-venom.

“Those two paramedics that calmed us down, Joel and Carl,” she said, “if it wasn't for them, I'd still be in panic mode.”

Alicia says they never thought they'd have to watch out for snakes.

“I thought maybe an alligator attack or something, because we spend all our time in the water, not a snake. So yeah we're definitely more cautious now.”

Addison knows what she'd do if she ever saw another snake.

“I'd just turn around and run.”