Giraffe crushes car windshield at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

A North Texas family's trip to see some animals up-close ended with a scary moment on Thursday.

Kari Hill from Granbury took a trip to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose with her 18-year-old, 15-year-old sons and her 1-year-old granddaughter.

The wildlife center, which is home to dozens of different kinds of animals, allows guests to go on a self-guided tour where you can feed the animals.

Hill said her family parked by the giraffes when one of the animals stuck its head through the sunroof.

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(Courtesy: Kari Hill)

A family member took a photo of the moment.

Hill says shortly after the picture the giraffe appeared to lose its footing and fell onto the windshield of the Kia Sorrento.

The animal then panicked, flailing its limbs and breaking the glass, according to Hill.

The giraffe eventually regained its footing and ran off.

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(Courtesy: Kari Hill)

No one inside the vehicle was hurt, but Hill says they were covered with shards of glass.

Fossil Rim confirmed what happened to FOX 4. A spokesperson noted that nothing like this has happened in his 11 years at the job.

The giraffe was not injured during the incident, according to Fossil Rim.

The wildlife center says that all guests must agree to a liability waiver when they purchase tickets.

It reads:

Fossil Rim says that it does offer guided tours where guests can visit the park without having their own vehicle.

As for Hill, she says the incident could have turned tragic quickly, but feels fortunate that it was only the car that was damaged.

She says she did file a claim with her insurance company and had to explain what happened.

"I think it was hard for them, as anyone, not to laugh, but they were professional," she wrote to FOX 4.