Giant goldfish found in Niagra River serves as reminder to not flush fish

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper

That's a big goldfish!

Buffalo Niagra Waterkeeper posted a photo on June 14 of a 14-inch goldfish that was caught in the Niagra River "just downstream of the wastewater treatment plant." 

"Goldfish can survive year-round in our watershed and can destroy the habitat of native fish," they wrote on Facebook.

Scientists estimate that tens of millions of Goldfish now live in the Great Lakes, according to the Waterkeeper. 

They are reminding pet owners that instead of flushing their live fish down the toilet, they should return the fish to the place where they got it if they can't keep it any longer.

The photo was reportedly taken in recent years, but the Waterkeeper hopes resurfacing it will help raise awareness about how it adds to a sewage problem. (Waterkeeper does not know if this particular fish was actually flushed down a toilet.)