Georgia 'Grinch' steals Christmas along with our hearts

Normally, when it comes to the Grinch, people wouldn’t want to touch him with a 10-foot pole. But one Georgia’s boy’s portrayal of the Christmas-stealing creature will make one's heart grow three sizes more whole.


The fake Santie Claus is actually named Asher, not of Whoville or of a cave on Mount Crumpet, but from Thomaston, Georgia, some 60 miles south of Atlanta. And he has become completely obsessed with the most recent Grinch movie, and so he turned to the big guy named Santa.

“[I want] a big sleigh and a big candy cane so I can steal Christmas!” Asher told Santa, without a beat he did miss. “And then I want my heart to grow bigger, so I can give it back," Asher finished his Santa feedback.

Asher’s dad knew he could not stop this whole thing. He got an idea that was not totally insane. Monday night, in gear he did snap-in, all to help Santa make this thing happen.


First, he needed a reindeer, but there he was out of luck. So, his mind gave a steer, “How about I use my truck?” He loaded a borrowed decorated sleigh, oh it was fully tailored, secured onto the back of a flatbed trailer.

A Santa bag and giant candy cane, the prep work did end. And now it was time to play pretend.

Christmas Eve, dressed as the Grinch with a smile most unpleasant, for Asher it was time to steal all the presents.

Into the home of some family members “fastly asleep.” His father he told Asher “Not a peep.” In he went, less slithered and slunk than trying not hard to clunk, looking for a present.

Just watch and see as Asher plunders each tree. And as one can surmount, he did so each with a five-finger discount.

Of course, like as the “Grinch” went, Asher knows truly what Christmas meant. So, he returned all the toys because he’s really one of the good boys.

And as Asher came into the clear, he admitted he can’t wait to do it all again next year.


Merry Christmas to Asher and all the good boys and girls!