Gas station owner could face charges

The owner of a Chevron gas station in Cocoa may be facing charges. The Brevard County Sheriff's Office says he fired a shot during a confrontation Wednesday, while defending his business. 

Customers tell us, they understand why. 

"This is a pretty bad neighborhood sometimes," said one patron. 

Investigators say a Brevard County deputy was in the area and heard a gunshot around 10 a.m.  Investigators say the owner went after a man that appeared to take beer without paying. Deputies say the owner held the accused thief at gunpoint and demanded the beer back. 

Now, that store owner may be prosecuted for his actions. Customers we spoke to, agree with what the store owner did. 

"Somebody came into your house and tried to steal something are you going to fire at them?... If you let it happen once, then people are going to do it again." 

The store owner told investigators he does not want to press charges against the alleged thief.