FOX 35 Care Force: Leesburg Firefighter serving community on and off the clock

Many times, firefighters are rushing to an emergency where they may encounter people having one of the worst days of their lives.

So it is their job to help save the day and lift people up.

Lt. Jeff Moore has been with Leesburg Fire Station 61 for more than 21 years.

Many know him for the work he does in the community - whether it’s cooking at the annual fish fry, chili cook off or other charity events. His colleagues said he is always stepping up to the task.

"I thought, golly, I said this is the guy that needs to go on the Care Force," his friend Matt Tutton said. "I said he gives his time, he’s out there going to the elementary schools, he does fish frys for them, he does fish frys for us downtown and any charitable event or anything going on he’s probably going to be there and be involved if he can."

Battalion Chief James Ricketson has called Lt. Moore a friend since high school.

"I hate to say this, but Jeff can’t say no," Ricketson said. "If you need him to do something, he’s there for you. Which is why I’m sure he’s being nominated for this. He is always a part of the community and he’s great."

Moore said his work is a calling, and he loves to share his passion with the community.

"We like to stay in the community and let people know that we are here and we are servants and here to serve," Moore said. "I’ve always enjoyed helping people. I worked a lot in the church and stuff like that. Helping people out. A job that I really fit into well and I wish I had done it ten years earlier."

His son has even followed in his footsteps and is now a fellow firefighter at the same fire station.

"I’m proud of the work he is doing," Moore said.