4 minors arrested for shooting Orbeez guns in Daytona Beach, police say

Four minors were arrested and now face charges for shooting buildings and cars with "Orbeez" guns, according to Daytona Beach Police.

Orbeez guns shoot tiny, jelly-like water beads. They can be bought at many retailers.

It may sound like child’s play to some, but law enforcement officials say misusing these toys is a battery offense. Depending on the injuries or damage done, those caught abusing Orbeez guns can face felony charges, said Orlando Rolon, retired police chief for Orlando PD.

"Imagine someone getting hit in the eye, imagine someone getting hit, say, while driving, and getting distracted and, unfortunately, causing an accident may cost the life of another or the life of the person affected by it," Rolon said. "In the right hands, in the right setting, any weapon, to be honest with you, there are ways to justify certain things, but when it comes to using it for recreational purposes where you’re causing harm to others is inexcusable, and that is the part that’s most disturbing."

This is not a new trend. Between March and June, FOX 35 has reported numerous arrests like this one in Orange, Marion, and Volusia counties.

According to Rolon and various law enforcement agencies, Orbeez gun challenges are popular on social media.