Florida's love for Christmas is about the size of a lump of coal, study says

Christmas tree lights with palm trees and flamingos. (Getty Images)

Apparently, the Sunshine State doesn’t have a whole lot of Christmas spirit.

Florida, according to a study by CenturyLink, is ranked near the very bottom among U.S. states when it comes to its love for the holidays. It came in No. 47 overall – ahead of California, Hawaii and Nevada.

The states with the most Christmas spirit were: Tennessee, North Carolina, Utah, Ohio and Alabama. 

“The bottom five states (Nevada, Hawaii, California, Florida, and Arizona) all share a low chance of having a white Christmas. Perhaps the lack of snow points to why it’s harder for these warmer states to tap into their Holiday cheer,” CenturyLink wrote in its report.

In order to gauge the amount of Christmas spirit for each state, the study used ten metrics: Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses; Google shopping trends for wrapping paper, Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments, and “elf on a shelf”; number of Christmas songs streamed; number of tweets related to Christmas; number of Christmas tree farms per capita; and the amount of charitable donations.

The list of states with the most Christmas spirit – from highest to lowest – can be viewed below, or on CenturyLink's website

1. Tennessee
2. North Carolina
3. Utah
4. Ohio
5. Alabama
6. South Carolina
7. Pennsylvania
8. Oregon
9. Rhode Island
10. Kansas
11. Maine
12. New Hampshire
13. Missouri
14. Idaho
15. Vermont
16. South Dakota
17. Iowa
18. Wisconsin
19. West Virginia
20. Montana
21. Washington
22. Nebraska
23. Massachusetts
24. Mississippi
25. Kentucky
26. Indiana
27. Connecticut
28. Oklahoma
29. Colorado
30. Virginia
31. Maryland
32. Georgia
33. New York
34. Minnesota
35. Arkansas
36. Illinois
37. Wyoming
38. North Dakota
39. Louisiana
40. Alaska
41. Michigan
42. Delaware
43. Texas
44. New Mexico
45. New Jersey
46. Arizona
47. Florida
48. California
49. Hawaii
50. Nevada