Florida sues over federal transportation mask mandate

The State of Florida on Tuesday announced that it plans to sue the federal government over mask requirements on public transportation like planes.

Florida joins a group of 20 states listed on the lawsuit.

The current mask requirement expires on April 18, and it's unclear if it will be extended.

"None of us like it, but I think we can deal with it until the system works out," said Josh Bailey-Green, who was waiting for his flight at Orlando International Airport.

"I don’t feel you have to," said another man waiting for at a security checkpoint. "I don’t think it should be mandatory. It should be up to the individual. I’ll go 100 percent with the governor on that."

Even with the possibility of the requirement expiring on April 18, Gov. Ron DeSantis and those of other states hope a lawsuit will prevent the feds from bringing the rule back again.

"Even if they let it lapse, I think as we get into next fall and winter, there could be an attempt to re-impose it," DeSantis said Tuesday.

Last week, a group of major airlines wrote a letter to the Biden administration asking to end the rule, citing high vaccination numbers and low numbers of people in the hospital with COVID-19 across the country.

They also brought up problems airlines are facing with passengers refusing to follow the rules.

One medical expert tells FOX 35 News most people would be safe flying without a mask.

"Over the past two years, I’m pretty much a masker and a ‘vaxer,' so you’re hearing it from somebody that has been a big proponent, but things have changed, and we can change with it," said Dr. Todd Husty. "We just need to be prepared to change back should things worsen,"

Dr. Husty said he would be concerned about people who aren't vaccinated or are around people with compromised immune systems flying without masks.

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