Florida records 43,784 new COVID-19 cases in one week

As Florida sees record-breaking numbers of new COVID-19 cases, officials are warning the elderly and others at risk to stay home. 

As of Sunday, there are 141,075 COVID-19 cases in the state. There were 43,784 new cases reported for the week ending on June 28, which was two times more than the week prior. For the week ended on June 21, there were 21,723 new coronavirus cases. Gov. Ron DeSantis says there was a positivity rate of 4 percent in May, but that number has risen to 12 percent. 

“When you see an increase in positivity, yeah you're testing more, but you're finding more cases at a faster rate,” said Gov. DeSantis. 

The median age of new cases in Orange County is 32 years old. Gov. DeSantis is now warning elderly people to avoid crowds and limit contact with others. The governor is asking everyone to act responsibly. 

“If you're in one of those younger groups make sure you're behaving in ways that are not going to put someone more vulnerable at risk,” said Gov. DeSantis. 

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Dr. Jason Littleton of Littleton Concierge Medicine is advising the elderly to stay home and only leave for essential reasons. 

“The elderly population, if they do not stay at home, if they do not stay away from enclosed areas, we're going to see hospitalizations go up, we'll see more severe cases as well,” said Dr. Littleton. 

Health experts expecting the number of new cases to continue to rise before they decline. Dr. Littleton asking everyone to be proactive. 

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“Weigh the risk and benefits, staying away from enclosed areas, wearing masks even if you don't think you have symptoms you may have COVID-19. So wear a mask anyway," said Littleton.