Florida Primary 2022: Early voting ends in Central Florida with decline in turnout

Early voting wrapped up over the weekend in Central Florida, but it's not too late to cast your ballot: Tuesday is Florida Primary Election Day. 

Officials say they saw fewer early voters this year. 

According to the Florida Division of Elections, more than 554,000 Floridians turned out to in-person early voting. Most counties ended their polling on Saturday, but Orange County voters were still able to cast a ballot on Sunday.

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections says his office has seen fewer early voters this year. In fact, the state reports 4,000 fewer voters cast an early ballot compared to the 2020 primary. 


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Data shows the number of vote-by-mail ballots are also down from 2020. Back then, 2.3 million Floridians mailed in their vote compared to just 1.5 million so far this year. 

So far the data shows that about 78,000 more Republicans than Democrats have voted early in-person. However, when it comes to mail-in ballots, 154,000 more Democrats than Republicans have cast their vote. But which way the pendulum swings comes down to the no party affiliation voters.

So far 250,000 voters from that pool make up the mail-in and early voters.