Florida man searching for owner of necklace filled with ashes found on beach

Photo credit: Shawn Rauch

A Sarasota man is asking for the public's help finding the owner of a necklace filled with a mother's ashes that he found in Siesta Key. 

Shawn Rauch posted a photo of the necklace, engraved with the word 'Mom,' to Facebook. He tells Fox 35 he is a metal detectorist and was enjoying his hobby when he stumbled upon the necklace in the water on Memorial Day.

"We're at the very end, the sun is down and I start walking back from the sand bar and I'm going to head straight to the car," he said. "I'm walking through the channel. I'm up to my chin in the water and I get this sweet tone in my metal detector."

Rauch reached into the water and scooped up the necklace.

The post has gone viral on social media, but so far, no one has claimed the small urn.

If you recognize the necklace or know someone missing it, you can contact Rauch on his Facebook page.