Florida man accused of throwing 'destructive devices' at ex-girlfriend's home

Police say the homemade bombs were made out of ordinary water bottles, and they exploded when the suspect allegedly filled them with toilet cleaner and aluminum foil.

Police say 27-year-old Michael Aaberg, of Panama City, Florida, threw three crude destructive devices on the front lawns of two Brevard residences -- one of them, at his ex-girlfriend's Palm Bay home; the other in Rockledge.

“You don’t do that,” says Stanley Thompson, who lives next door to the victims.

He describes hearing what sounded like truck backfiring on July 25. Police say the victim came outside after the first one went off, then the second one exploded.

Police say Aaberg drove more than seven hours to toss the bombs on his ex-girlfriend's lawn. They say he watched them go off before he sped away. In his arrest warrant, police say he called the bomb throwing a “practical joke.”

But no one was laughing in court on Tuesday, and the suspects mother had to drive all the way from Panama City to hire an attorney to defend her son.

“I say good luck to him. And if he goes to jail, seek God and repent," said Thompson.