Florida holding unclaimed property auction on Saturday

Florida has returned more than $1.4 billion in unclaimed property to people over the past four years, including $349 million last year. 

In addition to tangible items like jewelry, coins, and baseball cards, the state keeps track of unclaimed bank accounts, stock dividends, and utility or rent deposits. 

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis oversees the Division of Unclaimed Property, which will be hosting an unclaimed property auction this Saturday, Sept. 25, in West Palm Beach. 

Patronis says one in five Floridians have some type of unclaimed property, adding that more than one billion dollars in assets have yet to be claimed.

"You’ll be surprised. You may have six dollars, you may have 600 dollars. Claim it, fill out the form, submit it and we’ll get you a check in a couple of weeks," he added. "The items will be auctioned off at a true auction value. If somebody comes back 10 years later to claim their diamond ring, we’ll write them a check for whatever that ring sold for."

The in-person auction will be held tomorrow, September 25th, at the Embassy Suites West Palm Beach. To see if you have unclaimed property or money, visit www.FLTreasureHunt.gov.

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