FDOT considering toll lanes along U.S. 192 in Osceola County

A 23-mile stretch of U.S. 192 may be joining Florida’s expansive system of toll roads. 

The Florida Department of Transportation is considering adding toll lanes through the busy corridor from the Florida Turnpike through Kissimmee to U.S. 27 near Disney. 

The goal is to improve traffic flow on the congested roadway.

“It seems like every time I’m out there, I’m in standstill traffic, it’s crazy,” said pizza delivery driver Gary, a Kissimmee resident. “I think something needs to be done, but I don’t know what that is. I’ll leave that up to the professionals.”

Leaving it to professionals is exactly what FDOT has done, hiring experts to conduct a study and determine the feasibility of the proposal. 

Residents we spoke to who travel U.S. 192 daily say they support additional lanes.

“Anything to improve, if it’s going to improve the situation, then I’m up for that,” said Eleanor Callender, a Kissimee resident.

But, more tolls does not sit well with everyone.

“I don’t think anybody’s going to like that, people don’t like tolls as it is,” said Ed Toledo, a Kissimmee resident. 

“I think my laughing of that should tell you what I’m expecting because they’ll take our money and nothing will seem to improve, I don’t think,” said Gary.

The feasibility study should take about another year and a half to complete. 

FDOT’s representative releasing this statement: “During the two-year study the department will evaluate multi-modal improvements for the corridor, including using mobility lanes that may generate revenue for transportation enhancements. This study is very early and exploratory at this point,” said Jessica Ottaviano, communications specialist for FDOT.