Fake COVID testing sites popping up across Florida: How to spot them

Coronavirus cases still surging in Florida – and so are the number of scammers. 

The CDC says more than 67,000 new cases were reported on Jan. 5 and the state is averaging more than 56,000 cases over the last seven days.

As people line up at testing sites, officials are warning about scammers trying to take your money and personal information. Just last week, Sarasota law enforcement received calls of someone impersonating health care workers at a real legitimate site.

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Florida’s attorney general lists a few red flags to look for. Signs of illegitimate pop-up testing sites include:

  • No affiliation with local medical providers or government entities
  • Not delivering test results
  • Workers who seem uninformed about the testing process
  • Volunteers not warning masks or following CDC guidelines

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Officials say watch out for people selling fake at-home testing kits too. It's best to go to a place you know you can trust even if the wait is a little longer.

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