Elton John Delivers Open Hand's 25 Millionth Meal

Surprise delivery!

Before rocking out at Music Midtown last weekend, Elton John helped deliver Open Hand’s 25 millionth meal.

Midtown resident Craig Gustafson was a little worried that the caring Open Hand Atlanta volunteer who typically delivers his weekend meals might have a hard time reaching his apartment because of the busy Music Midtown traffic.

He was extremely relieved when his doorbell rang on Friday afternoon, but he was speechless to find that the Rocket Man himself, Elton John was delivering his meal.

"What an honor,” said Mr. Gustafson. “He's been fighting for this cause for years and he's beyond a celebrity, he's an icon to us."

Open Hand Atlanta is a local nonprofit nutrition agency founded in 1988 to serve those disenfranchised by AIDS.

Later that night, Elton John announced that was good to be back in Atlanta, his American home, adding that he was proud to have been able to deliver Open Hand’s 25 millionth meal earlier in the day.