E-scooters coming to the University of Central Florida, but safety is a big concern

E-scooters are coming to the University of Central Florida (UCF) but safety is a big concern.

The student government agreed to partner with Ford-owned 'Spin' to bring the scooters and charging stations to campus this spring.

UCF hosted a parking and safety event on Wednesday for their new e-scooters. 

Kevin Olsen, who is a part of the UCF student government, said that "we found that most accidents occur on the first ride, so we're trying to get people accustomed to the scooters, so they can be ready to ride them in the spring."

He also said that the scooters will be "stationed at strategic points, next to parking garages, on campus living communities, classroom buildings, but they're all out of the way, so they're gonna be marked and organized."

Spin will install 15 charging stations, called 'Spin Hubs,' and incentivize riders to park at these stations.

John Lankford, the Campus Partnerships Manager, said that these scooters will "cut down on car trips. It's fun, it's convenient, and it's just a great amenity to have around campus.