Driver licenses for undocumented immigrants, why you should care

Accidents happen all the time on Florida roads.  One of the first questions for those involved is, "Does the other driver have insurance?"

A proposed bill hopes to cut down on the odds the driver doesn't have insurance, by allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver's license.

"What's important is that we give them access to a driver's license, so that way they can qualify to get car insurance, that way we can have the safely driving on our roads which protects everyone from uninsured accidents," said Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, D-Orlando.

Additionally, Rep. Smith says insurance premiums could fall, because the likelihood of getting into a wreck with an uninsured driver would drop. As far as obtaining a license, just like everyone else, undocumented drivers would have to go through all the steps to qualify for a license.

“To ensure that they know what the safe driving laws are in the state of Florida, that there's nothing on their records that restricts them from being able to have a driver license," said Rep. Smith.

Rep. Smith feels confident the proposal will get the support needed, but there is is oppositions.  Charles Hart, the Chairman of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee, disagrees with the idea and believes Republican lawmakers will strike the proposal down.

"Driving in the United States of America is a privilege, not a right and it's insulting to the American people to say, well let's give someone the privilege that is reserved for American citizens, when these folks aren't American citizens to begin with."

The bill has yet to be heard in committee.