Drive-thru coronavirus test site to open in The Villages

A drive-thru for coronavirus tests will soon be up and running in The Villages. 

“Based on our patient population and based on what’s going on throughout the country we thought it best at this time to help our patients to set up a mobile testing site,” said Craig Esquenazi, Premier Medical Associates Dir. Of Operations.”

The Villages is largely a retirement community.

Experts say the elderly and those with underlying conditions are most at risk when it comes to COVID19.

“We don’t want you to ever get out of your car. Someone is going to come up to your car, swab you while you’re sitting in the vehicle,” Esquenazi explained.

The drive-thru is a way to help protect patients and staff inside the office. It will also help get people who need the tests in and out quickly.

Premier Medical Associates says it doesn’t want people just lining up in the parking lot. Patients will need to speak to a doctor who will determine whether or not they get the test. Tests are still limited.

The good news – you don’t need to leave your house to get screened.

“We will schedule the appointment via tele-visit with the doctor. After the doctor screens you, we will set an appointment for you to come up and be tested,” Esquenazi said.

The test consists of a throat and nasal swab, similar to the flu.

Premier Medical Associates says it will take two to five days to get the results.

“We suggest right after you come in, go home, self-quarantine,” he said.

Esquenazi says a drive thru will also open in Ocala Monday. One in Kissimmee is scheduled sometime down the road.