DreamCatcher Ranch rescues 3 badly neglected horses

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A Clermont ranch is stepping up, rescuing three horses that were badly neglected.

Now, the animals are getting a new lease on life. Loran Wheatley, who works at the DreamCatcher Ranch, says she loves to make horses better.

“They sit there and look at you and poke through the little fence and you just can't leave 'em,” she said.
She picked up three horses in Central Florida on Friday that were in dire straits. Two of them had been terribly neglected.
“We got the call to go out to Lake County Animal Control and go check the horses out,” Wheatley said. “We just couldn't  leave them there. It's hard.”
Peaches and another horse, Dillon, were rescued from horrible conditions from a family in Lady Lake.

She even had barbed wire wrapped around her leg. Wheatley showed a photo of where the barbed wire was clinging to peaches' leg.
“They're both skinny and need medical attention,” Wheatley said. This one here has the leg wound. The other, we need to figure out what's going on with his eye.”
Now, Peaches, Dillon and Friday's other pickup, Harley, will join more than 40 other rescued horses at the DreamCatcher Ranch. Their veterinarian, Erin Denney-Jones, says they save these animals after everyone else gives up.
“I enjoy watching them, taking them from nothing to a fantastic looking horse,” Denney-Jones said. She says many people buy horses not knowing how to properly care for them and worse.
“The other ones are just plain ignorance and they don't want to be educated, and they're the ones they have problems with when they rescue,” Denney-Jones said.
DreamCatcher is there to make sure these horses get a chance at a happy life.
“We make them better," Wheatley said. "We make them healthy and we make them happy, and we give them the life that they deserve."
If you'd like to help DreamCatcher's work by volunteering to help or donating to their rescue efforts, you can visit their website at www.DreamCatcherhorses.com.