Dog rescued after getting shot twice in face, left at Florida gas station

A puppy was rescued after surviving two gunshots to the face and being left for dead at a gas station near Edgewater.

The 8-month-old injured dog, named Gunner, has broken teeth, a broken jaw and a bullet lodged near its spine, according to volunteers who rescued it.

The rescue group, Sophie's Circle, says it reported the alleged animal abuse to the Brevard County Sheriff's office, hoping whoever is responsible gets caught.

Credit: Sophie's Circle Dog Rescue

The group's founder calls it heartbreaking to see.

"It’s unimaginable," said Kathy Blackman. "You’re looking at this precious little life. Because the part that really bothers me the most is he was wagging his tail, he was showing affection he wanted to be loved. In spite of what had happened to him, he was ready to move on to the next human and take his chances."

Blackman tells FOX 35 that Gunner is expected to recover after surgery on Wednesday.

The rescue group is taking donations to help cover the medical bills.