Do you have to break in a new Toyota?

Back in the day when you bought a new car, the auto makers suggested that you “break it in.” This means, that you should not drive over 30 mph for the first one hundred miles. Breaking in a new Toyota was a good idea years ago because the parts and technology were not as advanced.

Do you have to break in a new Toyota?

Today, when you buy a 2015 Toyota in Orlando, you don’t have to break it in! Once you get behind the wheel, there’s no need to watch your speed (besides the speed limit) because the technology and modern design allows for it!

When the car is manufactured, it is made with high quality parts and systems that don’t require breaking in! You can take a test drive, sign on the dotted line and take it out on the highway! Don’t spend your first few days owning a new Toyota in Orlando driving cautiously and afraid of effecting the engine! Have fun and enjoy the luxuries of being in the driver’s seat of a quality and reliable new car!

Keep your Orlando Toyota in great shape!

While you don’t have to break in your new Toyota in Orlando initially, you should still maintain your car to keep it looking like new! Over time your car can start to show wear and could have problems if not well maintained, so it’s crucial to keep your car looking like you just drove it off of the lot!

  • When you buy a new car from our Toyota dealership, make sure to set up your first routine car maintenance appointment! Typically, you should have an oil change and an oil filter replacement after the first 1,500 miles, depending on the oil. Before you drive home happy, make sure to schedule auto service at our Toyota Service Center!
  • Keep your car clean! A clean car is a happy car! Your car will maintain that brand new Toyota look if you wash the exterior regularly, as well as keep the interior tidy and neat! Regularly spruce up your new car with some soap and water and a good vacuuming! Don’t forget to give your Orlando Toyota a good coat of wax! Wax creates a layer that protects your car’s clear coat and paint from dirt and debris.
  • Consider having your windows tinted! Not only will you give your car an upgraded look, but Orlando window tinting will also help protect the interior of your new Toyota from sun damage! In Central Florida, no matter the time of year the sun is intense and can do number on cars. Window tinting creates a barrier that blocks out UV rays from causing damage to your seats and dashboard. We also suggest using a sunshade to prevent sun from coming through your windshield while parked!

There’s no need to break in your new Toyota, but it’s always a great idea to keep it looking and running like new! If you have any questions, call us at (888) 725-3520 or visit us at 3575 Vineland Rd., just off of I-4!

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