Disney workers hold up traffic as they protest for fairer wages

Today, Disney workers held up traffic along State Road 535 at the Crossroads for 7 minutes, in order to protest the wages they earn.

1,200 Disney workers made drivers come to a complete stop during rush hour, as they blocked the intersection outside a Disney entrance.

Union leaders say employees like Corbin Krupa are bearly making ends meet. "I make $10 an hour and with the current proposal that would put at $13 that would be reasonable to me."

A Disney spokesperson says workers earn nearly $2 more an hour than Florida's minimum wage. They released a statement saying in part, "We agree our Cast Members deserve a raise, which is why we've offered an increase of up to 5 percent over the next two years for most existing Cast Members." 

But workers like Corbin say it's not enough,  "It's 2 and 2 ½ percent on $10 would put me at $10.25 raise. So I would go from $10 to $10.25 raise with 2 ½ so that's not much."

And workers say they plan to have another protest like this one in the near future.