Disney shares grilled cheese sandwich recipe from Toy Story Land

To replicate the crispy and gooey three-cheese sandwich, you’ll need a pan, and a bit of space to make all of the spreads that go into this family-favorite. (Disney)

Want to feel like you’re living in “Toy Story” (instead of “Groundhog Day”)? Disney World has just the thing.

The beloved theme park has shared the recipe for the signature grilled cheese sandwich served at Woody’s Lunch Box inside Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

And “while we can’t visit Andy’s backyard right now, this recipe is just one more great way to create #DisneyMagicMoments in your own backyard (or kitchen)," reads a message on the Disney Parks Blog, in reference to the current and indefinite closures of both Disney World and Disneyland amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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It's also a pretty great way to meet your — and your family’s — dairy intake for the day.

To replicate the crispy and gooey three-cheese sandwich, which serves four, you’ll need a pan, a few simple ingredients, and a bit of space to make all of the spreads that go into this family-favorite.

For starters, the recipe  — which can be seen in full here — calls for a cream cheese spread, which combines 1/2 cup cream cheese, 1/2 cup shredded Double Gloucester or cheddar cheese, 2 tablespoons heavy cream and ¼ teaspoon coarse salt, mixed together in a food processor until smooth.

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Then the garlic spread, which combines 1 cup mayonnaise, 1 1/2 teaspoons minced garlic and ½ teaspoon coarse salt, to be stirred until smooth, and then set aside, like the cheese spread.

For the rest of the sandwich, the recipe calls for eight slices of artisan bread, eight slices cheddar cheese and eight slices provolone cheese – in addition to the aforementioned cheese spread.

To compile, Disney fans are instructed lay out the bread slices on a cutting board or parchment paper and place two slices of cheddar on four of the bread slices, and then place two slices of provolone on the other four bread slices. Spoon the cream cheese spread and smooth over the provolone slices. Then place the bread with cheddar on top of the cream cheese and provolone side to create a sandwich. Brush the outside with the garlic spread and then grill over medium heat for about two minutes on each side.

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All that's left to do is serve and eat. (Slicing the sandwich and taking a slow-motion video of you pulling apart the halves to showcase the stretchy, melty cheese is purely optional.)

The childhood favorite is just the latest of the “Disney Magic Moments” ideas shared to its blog, and via the mobile app, in recent weeks. The other popular recipes the park has shared include its churro bites and Dole Whip treat.

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